Scio Area Bridge Tour

These five bridges are located in the area around Scio, Oregon.
 Scio is located Southeast of Salem and Northeast of Albany, Orgeon. 

While finding some covered bridges in the state can be a hit or miss situation,
many businesses in Scio sponsor and have available a brochure & map
 of where to locate the bridges.   Additionally the map shows a route for
those who wish to see the bridges via bicycle.  The bicycle loop is a total
of 46.4 miles in length which starts and ends in downtown Scio.

Just click on the name or photo of the bridge you wish to view, or start
with the Hannah Covered Bridge and take the tour.  Clicking on 'next' at the
bottom of each page will take you to the next bridge.

hannah bridge

Hannah Covered Bridge
Shimanek bridge

Shimanek Covered Bridge
Larwood bridge

Larwood Covered Bridge

Hoffman Bridge

Hoffman Covered Bridge
gilkey bridge

Gilkey Covered Bridge


updaated 4/8/09